Since I was a young girl I was always drawing on paper, however I never pressed my pencil hard enough, forcing my drawings to disappear after a few weeks. I first began paper cutting during my final year of high school, I wanted to make art which had a permanency, as opposed to my disappearing sketches. I feel a powerful sense of wonder in regards to the natural world, realising its capacity for reinvention within the urban network. I aim to manipulate and exploit natural transformations to invent new visual forms on paper and leaves. 


My body of work stems from a desire to magnify the unseen and materialise an imaginative extension of a scientific process. I believe that there is an intriguing separation from the built environment and natures microscopic structural elements and a fascinating link in how these structures grow and how entities relate.  


I am inspired by the natural process of decay on leaves, leaving skeletal structures as the leaves dry out. I find patterns within this lattice and expand upon them through a slow, deliberate, cutting process. The rigidity of line work can be translated into free forms within each other, blurring the distinction between science and creativity, reality and illusion.