Nina is a paper artist based in Sydney, Australia. After finishing higher education, Nina completed her Bachelor of Design in Architecture and a Juris Doctor at Sydney University. 


Inspired by the natural processes of decay on leaves, Nina has created a personal style and technique which is entirely her own. Her body of work mimics intricate patterns found in nature's lattice whilst exploring the notion of replication. By solely using paper and leaves, she challenges the dividing line between manufactured, man made forms and nature. 


She uses a fine blade to create fluid, free form motifs by making decisive structural cuts, interplaying between solid and void. Each cut is carefully thought out and delicately executed, as the process cannot be reversed or 'uncut'. With the constant advancement of technology with processes such as laser cutting, there is great empowerment in hand cut, organic blade work, which has the impossibility of replication.  As a result, each work by Nina is unique and individual. 

Nina does private commissions and exhibitions. For sales, enquiries or to arrange a viewing, please contact Nina directly via the Contact Page